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      About us

Our directors have decades of experience of conducting reviews of police and law enforcement agencies in the UK (including the Metropolitan Police Service, the NCA and the Police Service of Northern Ireland) while working for the UK’s policing inspectorate) and having conducting reviews of overseas agencies as AAP Associates. We also have a network of independent consultants with operation experience and expertise in assessing the full range of policing issues including counter-terrorism, serious crime investigation, counter-corruption and organisational and procedural justice issues.


David Roberts


David has served at all police ranks to Assistant Chief Constable in a UK Force. He was selected to join the policing inspectorate for England and Wales in 2003

He has been central to the inspection and review of many significant organisations and events while also leading all the international work until handing over the international portfolio to fellow AAP Director Paul Holewell. David is a graduate of the Open University and a senior member of Wolfson College Cambridge University having assisted non-UK students with their policing studies. David has led, managed and mentored senior teams and individuals and has developed a reputation for his calm, balanced yet robust approach and is highly successful in helping organisations and individuals achieve their best.

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