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Law Enforcement Consultancy and Training

We help police and law enforcement agencies improve their effectiveness, efficiency and organisational justice through review, training and organisational change. Whatever the needs of your organisation, AAP Associates can help drive improvement. Our services include:

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Holistic Reviews

Rigorous evaluation and analysis of the agency’s key operational,  and organisational policies, procedures and performance, based on robust, tested methodologies.

These assessments scope are flexible to reflect agency’s priorities, but typically include, evaluation and identification of strengths and areas for improvement in relation to:

  • Leadership and delivery against priorities;

  • Professional standards and diversity;

  • Efficiency and demand management;

  • Effectiveness of delivery;

  • Demand management and process efficiency;

  • Performance and information management structures.

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Thematic Reviews

Comprehensive analytical reviews of specific areas of policing activity, utilising evaluation of polciies, procedures and performance data, interviews with management and officers, consultation with stakeholders and knowledge of best practice from other jurisdictions. In recent years, AAP's consultants have designed and conducted such reviews into the issues facing policing today, including:

  • Prevention and investigation of homicide;

  • Counter-Terrorism policing;

  • Community policing and community relations;

  • Police Integrity and Counter Corruption;

  • Tackling Serious and Organised Criminality;

  • Investigation and victim care in sexual offences cases;

  • Police – Public interaction and Police Powers to

    Stop Persons;

  • Public Order Policing.

Training and Mentoring

With our accredited police trainers we can provide best-practice based training and mentoring to officers, staff and members of the command team.

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Development of Robust Internal Review Capability

AAP provides a holistic service to develop your force’s internal inspection and review capability, to ensure you can engage in continual organisational and policing development. We can train and coach your staff, support them on their first inspection and mentor their ongoing practice.

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